Learn More: Digital Transformation in Healthcare Series: Patient centricity comes first and digital identity paves the way for personalized, efficient care and better health outcomes.
Rajat Mishra, Cisco SVP of Customer Experience, and Bill Padfield, Senior VP at NTT share some great insights on our complementary approach to CX Lifecycle.
Craig Stewart, Chief Technology Officer at SnapLogic, provides some fascinating insights as to how a combination of data and AI and Machine Learning is already providing major benefits across all industry sectors, not least in helping organisations to address major sustainability challenges; and also in allowing many businesses to capitalise on the IoT opportunity. In summary, Craig believes that few, if any, companies can afford to ignore the advantages of increased data literacy.
Data is the new currency and risks are multiplying faster than ever - from the Boardroom to the farmland and everywhere in between. See why, in this brave, new connected world, managing risk is now an essential part of everyone's business.
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Huawei Agile Solution Improves Jumeirah Group

Huawei helps the Jumeirah Group build a robust and agile IT department to support the rapid business expansion of the group.

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