Pacnet delivers Asia-Pacific connectivity to Virtus

Virtus Data Centres (‘Virtus') has entered into an agreement with Pacnet, a leading provider of integrated and full-service network and data centre solutions in the Asia Pacific region, to deliver connectivity between Virtus’ data centres in London and the Asia-Pacific region.

Customers in Virtus’ data centres now have direct access to the largest fibre-optic network in Asia-Pacific covering China and 12 other Asian countries and to Pacnet submarine cable systems spanning 46,420 km. Pacnet is the only non-Sino Joint Venture that is licensed to offer MPLS services throughout China. Pacnet also operates 18 data centres in 14 key Asian cities, including its CloudSpace facilities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and China.

“Working with Pacnet helps Virtus to meet the needs of our multinational customers and expand our ecosystem of services,” said Virtus’ CEO Neil Cresswell. “Pacnet is in a unique position to provide multinational enterprises with a wide array of services for connectivity, managed data, hosting, colocation and content delivery in Asia and we are looking forward to working with them to support our customer’s needs in the region.”

The agreement supports Virtus’ strategy in building a thriving and diverse digital ecosystem in our data centres. In addition to a wide range of top class connectivity solutions access to Pacnet’s Asia-Pacific network allows Virtus’ customers to get direct connections to all major internet exchanges and 18 data centres in Asia-Pacific.

“This partnership with Virtus not only expands on Pacnet’s ability to provide connectivity and other services to European based multinational customers with needs in Asia, it also provides an option for Asian-based customers with needs in London,” said Gina Haspilaire, Vice President Enterprise Markets, Pacnet.“

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