CloudBees forms global partnership with Lenovo

Partnership creates end-to-end integration empowering continuous delivery and DevOps for enterprise and mid-market organisations.

CloudBees has formed a global partnership withLenovo, integrating CloudBees Core on Lenovo'sDevOps with OpenShift Solution, an engineered solution for enterprise and mid-market organisations.


Today's IT organisations understand the business-level need for an end-to-end software strategy to gain a competitive edge and get software to market more quickly. This partnership enables CloudBees Core to be directly integrated with Lenovo's DevOps with OpenShift Solution, creating a best-in-class continuous integration and continuous delivery platform, as well as modern infrastructure spanning across multiple configurations and systems. With the integration, IT teams will be able to produce software better, faster and more securely with a commercial-grade, hybrid-cloud system, resulting in the adoption of DevOps practices.


"Integration of platforms and tools is critical for DevOps processes and methodologies, we collaboratively developed engineered solutions by integrating our mutual software assets with Lenovo hardware infrastructure" said Jason Mero, vice president of business development, CloudBees. "The jointly engineered solution between CloudBees and Lenovo provides what organisations need for business-critical success in today's applications economy."


Jenkins® and CloudBees Core will now be on multiple Lenovo DevOps platforms for enterprise and mid-market clients in worldwide solution deployments. At the center of the integration is CloudBees Core, which provides unified governance through security, centralised management and compliance features. Available for on-premise or hosted on major public cloud providers, it provides flexibility to support diverse software portfolios and unified governance.


"We're thrilled about the global partnership with CloudBees to integrate CloudBees Core on Lenovo," said John Majeski, executive director and general manager, engineered software solutions, Lenovo. "As organisations embark on their DevOps journey, the jointly engineered solution creates the flexibility and adaptability to meet any organisation's needs."

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