Traxens successfully deploys connected freight wagons in collaboration with CFL multimodal

Traxens’ IoT solution will be used to track smart wagons delivering cargo in Europe and China.

Traxen says that its patented cargo tracking IoT system will be used on CFL multimodal’s connected freight wagons throughout the European corridor and the New Silk Road to China.

Traxens and CFL multimodal (CFL) started their co-operation with a pilot project at the end of 2018, when CFL fitted Traxens Box devices on flat wagons travelling between European destinations. As this initial trial was successful, it was extended earlier this year to over 20 wagons delivering cargo to more distant European destinations. In April 2019 Traxens’ rail freight telematics technology was then tested on wagons travelling to China.

As part of it digitalization strategy, CFL aims to streamline train preparation operations through automation, including digital brake testing. Traxens’ Digital Freight Train® solutions can consolidate, secure and accelerate brake safety testing. This testing system can bring a number of benefits:
  • Thirty minutes saved on standard reallocation processes to improve robustness or optimize loading
  • Continuous monitoring of the brake system after departure, with real-time alerts for the train driver to prevent a flat wheel
  • Improved safety and working conditions for shunting and ground operators who perform brake tests
  • Can be used solely by the train driver instead of two agents — reducing operating costs and improving agility and quality of the whole system
  • In the longer term, it will allow the interconnection of operators systems to improve interoperability and international trade, leading to better global efficiency of rail freight
Traxens’ solution provides comprehensive, precise and timely data about cargo by tracking wagons in transit anywhere in the world. Traxens’ technology brings improved efficiency and security, greater transparency and enhanced asset utilization thanks to improved wagons and goods tracking, geolocalisation and mileage monitoring.

The Traxens Box is straightforward to install within a few minutes whether on the customers’ sites, at railway terminals or workshops; it can be adapted to any type of wagon.

“As an outcome of our joint pilot project, we are delighted that CFL multimodal decided to extend its use of our bespoke IoT technology in its rail freight operations to China,” said Florence Delalande, rail business unit director at Traxens. “This shows the potential of our technology for all rail and intermodal freight businesses, as the shipping industry shifts towards a digital future.”

“Traxens’ rail freight solution helps our operations by enabling the monitoring of assets and their surroundings, which significantly improves operational efficiency,” said Marc Valette, innovation director at CFL multimodal. “The technology used by Traxens, enabling the local interconnection of different devices without wiring, opens up new opportunities in train condition and composition monitoring. This is a huge opportunity to improve operations and service effectiveness in rail. It will allow the connection of different elements of the train ecosystem in the future, providing transparent and accurate information, improving the quality of service and information delivered to clients.”

This agreement with CFL Multimodal is the latest development for Traxens in the rail sector. Traxens has already started cooperations with other key players in the industry, such as SNCF (the French national railway company). In cooperation with SNCF Logistics, Traxens developed the Digital Freight Train and its high value-added services for the benefit of the entire railway system, by turning conventional wagons into intelligent wagons in record time. It features geolocation, arrival notifications, consignment transport conditions and status monitoring, digital assistance for wagon management, predictive maintenance and more. Traxens offers a whole range of services for a safer, more modern, eco-friendly and more efficient freight railway system.
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