Sunday, 20th October 2019

Delivering digital customer experiences easily

OutSystems solves one of the biggest problems facing developers today – quickly delivering brilliant, omnichannel experiences that users love.

OutSystems has introduced new digital customer experience (CX) capabilities that enable any organisation to quickly and easily deliver high-quality, omnichannel experiences that compete with the CX leaders and drive high user adoption.

“OutSystems is on a mission to eradicate ugly apps,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. “CX champions, like Uber and Amazon, have radically raised the bar when it comes to amazing user experiences – completely resetting customer expectations. Companies today, no matter their industry, have to match or exceed if they want to survive. With these new CX capabilities, OutSystems has levelled the playing field, making it extremely easy for any company to build great apps that rival the CX leaders, using the skills of their existing teams.”

The new OutSystems features help organisations accelerate their end-to-end customer experience transformation and deliver highly personalised omnichannel digital customer experiences up to 10 times faster than traditional development and without the constraints of “off-the-shelf” software packages.

According to Gartner, customer-centricity is at the heart of 55 percent of business model changes. * The results speak for themselves with the top 10 customer experience leaders in America outperforming the S&P by 45 percentage points and delivering close to triple the returns of CX laggards, according to Watermark Consulting. **

According to the Gartner CX Maturity Model, 2019, around 65 percent of B2C and 75 percent of B2B companies are behind on their CX transformation. *** A key challenge these brands face is that customers expect high-quality, consistent interactions over multiple digital channels such as mobile, web, chat, and voice. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to hire highly skilled, channel-specific development talent. Mastering an ever-expanding set of technologies and creating and managing multiple codebases, companies are often unable to deliver on their omnichannel strategies or are left with subpar experiences.

OutSystems helps organisations to address these challenges and deliver high-quality, highly personalised omnichannel customer experiences with the following new CX capabilities:

Experience Builder for native-feel mobile applications: The new Experience Builder abstracts away the complexities of assembling the multiple pieces of the interfaces that make for an engaging, pixel-perfect mobile experience, allowing developers to focus on what matters most: delivering great user experiences. An easy-to-use web interface, coupled with development accelerators, such as fully customisable application flows and screen templates with built-in native behaviours, ensures teams can deliver experiences faster with the quality standards customers expect.

Reactive web technology built-in, for high-performing, rich, client-side development: Deliver engaging experiences that are consistent across mobile and web, with rich, interactive interfaces and a modern technology stack. Interfaces are easily assembled using state-of-the-art UI building blocks that are reusable across channels, reflect CX best-practices, and result in increased delivery speed and experience quality. A single language and codebase means existing developers can be more productive and the business can meet their needs at a faster pace and lower cost.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) support for increased customer adoption and retention rates: Engage customers and employees through a new channel - easily discoverable applications that don’t need to be deployed and downloaded through the app stores, reducing obstacles to adoption. These apps are automatically packaged by the OutSystems platform and deliver high-performing, native-like experiences that take advantage of device integration and work offline – all using the same codebase as their browser or native counterparts, and without compromising on experience quality.

Conversational experiences everywhere: Meet customers in the chat and voice platforms they interact most. Whether using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for chat, or Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana for voice, by providing development teams with building blocks and a framework to create the most common chatbot and voice interaction patterns, OutSystems removes the complexity and uncertainty of building these kinds of interfaces. Businesses can easily adopt, experiment and scale first-line of support automation, internal support bots, and other conversational use cases, faster and without needing specialised AI developers.

OutSystems customers are taking advantage of these types of capabilities to take on the competition and win the CX battle. In the UK, thinkmoney used OutSystems to completely transform its digital customer services, delivering a banking experience that takes on the “high street banks.”

“We have improved our customer experience, not only through better design, but by really challenging what we put in front of our customers. We were able to do that really quickly in our online ‘apply’ journey. In the first four weeks, we saw a 30 percent uplift in conversion, which was just phenomenal,” said Jo Ward, digital product director with thinkmoney.

In the Philippines, FWD Insurance leveraged OutSystems to help it differentiate through CX in a highly competitive market dominated by financial institutions that had been around for decades and even centuries.

“No other provider in the market was delivering simple, intuitive, and convenient mobile insurance experiences. It was a major opportunity that we could only seize by moving quickly,” said Maricel Paygane, head of CX, FWD Insurance.

FWD Insurance delivered the new TAPP mobile app in just 90 days. It featured a highly engaging experience and new services, such as in-app investment performance monitoring, that no other providers were offering. This allowed FWD to leapfrog its competitors and granted the company great customer acceptance with a 4.6 average user rating on Google and Play stores, while improving payment collection times and decreasing contact center traffic.

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