Ergomed works with Automation Anywhere

Ergomed has outlined PrimeVigilance’s strategic collaboration with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and DataRobot, a leader in enterprise artificial intelligence (AI), to accelerate the Company’s Intelligent Automation strategy.

PrimeVigilance, a division of Ergomed, is a leading global specialized provider of full pharmacovigilance (PV) services, and currently employs over 750 people. By empowering its clients and colleagues with the application of RPA and Machine Learning (ML), PrimeVigilance will enable clients to improve quality and consistency within safety databases, as well as productivity.

A successful proof of concept has been completed, and PrimeVigilance will now implement a cloud software solution to automate specific pharmacovigilance processes. The productivity gains made possible by working with Automation Anywhere and DataRobot, are expected to deliver organic growth more efficiently, with the automation of manual, repetitive processes. Automation Anywhere’s cloud-based RPA on its digital workforce platform combined with DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform will bring new levels of speed and intelligence to a crucial component of the business, freeing up valuable hours for highly trained pharmacovigilance professionals to focus on value creation and problem solving that only humans can address.

This strategic partnership will be part of Ergomed’s wider strategy as it transforms the relationship between its people and technology, enhancing the Company’s creativity, agility and skills for the benefit of its clients and shareholders. It will enhance Ergomed’s existing skills and expertise by combining human insight and knowledge with the intelligent application of technology to enhance the speed and precision of analysis and decision making.

Dr Miroslav Reljanovic, Executive Chairman of Ergomed, said: “Adoption of the latest available technologies, including automation and robotic technology across our pharmacovigilance business, ensures we are able to continue to offer cutting edge services to our customers. This collaboration provides the foundation to rapidly identify and automate a wide range of business processes, enabling clients to maximise quality and consistency within safety databases as well as increasing productivity.”

Prince Kohli, Chief Technology Officer at Automation Anywhere, commented: "Intelligent Automation can help to unlock valuable human capacity to focus on innovation-led projects, while reducing costs and shortening the time to market. Ergomed understands this opportunity, and we're excited to be working with them and DataRobot to unleash the potential of Intelligent Automation to enable a better customer experience and faster time to value.”

Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019, was designed from the ground up as a cloud-native and web-based RPA platform offering lower total cost of ownership (TCO), increased performance and scalability. It combines advanced RPA, artificial intelligence (AI) and embedded analytics, enabling enterprises to digitize business operations, driving scalability, reusability and lowering operating costs. The company’s software bots, which are delivered via the cloud, work side-by-side with human workers to automate repetitive, mundane tasks, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on more meaningful work.

Companies across all sectors and geographies have learned that they can transform their business by embracing Intelligent Automation,” said Dan Wright, President and COO, DataRobot. “By implementing this technology, companies can combine the best of human and machine intelligence, drive rapid automation and enhanced operational efficiency, and experience exponential returns on their investment. We’re excited to have teamed up with Automation Anywhere to help Ergomed push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

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