Low-code for high volume work solutions

Applications prove invaluable for clients responding to Covid pandemic challenges, including rapid, large-scale reviews of contracts and settlements.

Leading law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner’s (BCLP’s) volume legal delivery service, BCLP Cubed, is using the Mendix low-code application development platform to digitalise high-volume legal work streams across commercial contracts, data requests, and real estate services. Accelerating workflows and providing visibility into contracts is critical at this time as clients deal with the legal side of the Covid-19 pandemic.

High-volume legal work, such as contracts and NDAs, although critical for clients, is often routine in nature and consumes valuable and costly resources within law firms and their clients’ in-house legal teams. BCLP Cubed needed to develop solutions to deliver accurate volume legal delivery for clients across the globe, as well as integrate with other technologies used by the firm including artificial intelligence, machine learning, document automation, and expert systems tools.

The firm chose the Mendix low-code platform for its collaboration and rapid development capabilities. Low-code is a model-based, visual development platform that enables broadly skilled teams, including non-technical personnel, to actively participate in the development process. Because domain experts are involved throughout development, the resulting solutions are sharply focused on the business need. And because they involve little or no code, they can be developed up to 10 times faster than traditional methodologies.

The BCLP Cubed team leveraged Mendix’s collaborative capabilities to include clients, legal operations specialists, and technologists in the creation of two new applications. The first is a Data Subject Access Request solution, focused on streamlining intake and process reporting and providing automatic report generation, allowing BCLP’s lawyers to save time and quickly and efficiently access information and provide counsel to clients.

Following the success of the Data Subject Access Request application, the BCLP Cubed team developed a commercial contracting platform, which enables the firm to support its clients with an efficient approach to the intake, negotiation, and execution of commercial contracts, as well as delivering key data insights across its contract portfolio.

Most recently, both applications have been used to help support clients through the impact of the COVID-10 pandemic, including large-scale reviews of contracts and settlements in response to unprecedented changes in the business environment.

Neville Eisenberg, BCLP Cubed’s CEO, said: “The COVID-19 crisis and the resulting economic impact worldwide is throwing up huge challenges for our clients. Using Mendix, BCLP Cubed is rapidly turning around solutions that deliver the new services clients require within days or weeks, something which could have taken months using traditional methods.”

Nick Ford, chief technology evangelist at Mendix said: “BCLP Cubed is gaining recognition as a major innovator in the legal sector, and we are pleased they are using Mendix’s platform to support the streamlining of work processes. Like every business, and especially given the current challenges, the legal sector is accelerating its digitalisation initiatives and adoption of new technologies. Low-code empowers firms to develop and tailor bespoke applications collaboratively with their clients and law teams to support efficiencies and minimize pain-points. With workflows automated, legal teams can focus on addressing client needs instead of mundane tasks, bringing greater value to clients and greater revenue to the legal practice.”

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