Netcall acquires RPA technology

AI-powered RPA, combined with Netcall’s low-code technology, will automate a wider range of processes and systems.

In an attempt to help customers refine internal processes and enhance business efficiencies, Netcall plc, a leading provider of intelligent automation and customer engagement software, has announced the acquisition of Automagica – a Belgium-based provider of AI powered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software.

Netcall will integrate Automagica’s RPA solution into its Liberty platform as Liberty RPA, making it a one-stop shop for process automation and customer engagement – blending low-code, RPA, chatbots, digital messaging and contact centre solutions.

By embedding RPA capabilities in the Netcall Liberty platform, businesses will be empowered to automate tedious and manual processes – freeing up staff from mundane tasks for more meaningful work and value-add activities, including customer engagement. Automagica’s RPA software complements Netcall’s Liberty Create low-code platform. When combined, the technologies can automate a much broader range of processes and systems than either solution individually – paving the way for more powerful intelligent automation platforms. Together, they unlock process efficiencies that drive down costs, enhance quality and improve customer experience.

Customers will be able to incorporate RPA bots to their Liberty platform and will benefit in a number of areas, including:

  • Unified automation: Liberty will merge low-code and RPA via a new RPA Studio, enabling unified deployment and governance of low-code and RPA solutions across the enterprise.
  • Digital communications integration: Liberty will enable the deployment of RPA to support customer interactions such as self-service and automated chatbots as well as human interaction via contact centres.
  • Rapid go-to-market: using RPA Studio’s visual drag-and-drop interface, businesses will gain access to building blocks and provide new opportunities for achieving end-to-end process automation.

Thomas van Turnhout, co-founder of Automagica, says: "We are excited to be part of the Netcall Liberty platform. We know that RPA needs to become part of a larger intelligent automation platform to automate a wider range of processes and systems. As part of Netcall, we can make that happen."

“RPA and Liberty will help organisations transform faster and more efficiently. We look forward to seeing how our combined systems will help with businesses’ end-to-end automation journey,” adds Koen van Eijk, co-founder of Automagica.

Henrik Bang, Netcall’s CEO, comments: “Through the addition of AI-powered RPA to the Liberty platform, we are creating a one-stop shop for process automation and customer engagement, blending low-code, RPA, chatbots, digital messaging and contact centre solutions. This powerful combination will provide businesses with a comprehensive digital transformation toolkit and we are excited by the opportunity this presents.”

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