Novartis sees six figure savings

Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis is using Qlik Sense® to drive enterprise-wide data democratisation and optimise business processes. Its 30,000 employees have access to over 500 Qlik applications, regardless of location or device, ensuring there is one single source of truth informing decision-making across the entire organisation. By enabling the use of data-based insights across all business units, the organisation realised savings of over six-figures through optimised budgets and resources allocations.

The Novartis analytics strategy is designed to further optimise data-driven value creation across the entire company: from saving time and valuable resources, to optimisation processes and identifying new business opportunities. The associative work with the company-wide uniform database, with validated data quality, ensures reliable results that support decisions across every department – from procurement and production to marketing, sales, finance and management.

Novartis chose the Qlik analytics platform because the company values high-performance analysis, optimal data availability, and an intuitive analytics experience that incorporates data from all sources without infrastructure barriers. Data access and availability is controlled within a framework of centrally managed governance. Due to this democratisation of all available data, Novartis benefits from a comprehensive self-service operation of the analytics functions, including on mobile devices.

“Data is part of our DNA at Novartis. The challenge we faced was in finding a platform that would allow all departments across the organisation to consistently drive value from our data chain,” said Loic Giraud, Business Analytics COE Lead, Novartis. “The role of Qlik in turning our ambitions for data into reality cannot be understated. The platform has not only digitally strengthened, optimised and expanded existing business areas, but is helping to open up new opportunities and is supporting the digital transformation of the entire organisation.”

The implementation of the Qlik analytics platform is helping Novartis to achieve:

·High level of automation reducing error-prone manual processes – Qlik’s analytics platform enables Novartis to easily incorporate very large data sets into analytics projects, so data-based decision-making can take place in near real-time. The high degree of automation also allows manual processes for standard tasks to be reduced. Since Qlik easily connects all data sources, there is no need for time-consuming copying and moving of data records when loading data into analysis applications or creating annual reports. This not only reduces the susceptibility to errors, but also creates time for Novartis employees to focus on their main job.

·Increased availability of analytics in the field – For the 20,000 sales representatives among the Qlik users at Novartis, the mobile-optimised dashboards have transformed their ability to access analytics in the field.

Going forward,Novartis also plans to expand the use of the Qlik analytics platform with location-based data with the help of Qlik GeoAnalytics; combining geographic data with various data sources to improve its existing geo-mapping and increase the value of the map visualisations. The company is also now testing Qlik’s Data Integration solutions to accelerate and ease real time analytics and data unification of sources, such as SAP.

“We are very pleased to support Novartis with our platform and be able to work together with them to further their digital transformation,” said Wolfgang Kobek, SVP EMEA at Qlik. “Novartis is benefitting from the real-time and self-service capabilities of Qlik Sense, as well as the reduction of data silos and infrastructure hurdles. This offers them a great advantage in today’s market.”

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