Smartsheet adds partners and innovations

Smartsheet has announced a series of ecosystem partners and product innovations that support enterprises as they adapt to the evolving nature of work. As companies seek ways to drive revenue, reduce risk, and align their people, they require a common platform that eliminates the silos created by “managing the management of work” to instead focus on the collaboration, workflows and content that drive outcomes.

“The world is changing rapidly, and to thrive in the new hybrid work environment, companies must go beyond the pursuit of productivity gains. This new imperative places productivity in the context of digital work transformation,” said Mark Mader, President and CEO of Smartsheet. “That’s why progressive leaders are improving corporate agility and unlocking value from more employees, realizing the benefits of what a dynamic platform for project execution, automation, and customer engagement can do for the enterprise.”

At the onset of COVID-19, over half of IT leaders (55%) said their current IT systems are not fully equipped to handle new post-pandemic requirements. Smartsheet’s dynamic platform meets these needs by combining flexibility and scalability with comprehensive data security and governance features that offer IT leaders visibility and control.

As a result, brands like Roche Diagnostics, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Domino’s, Burton Snowboards, Cisco, Colliers International, Domino’s, Dell Boomi, KEEN Footwear, McGraw Hill, Mimecast, San Diego State University, and Syngenta use Smartsheet to get work done.

Enhancing Enterprise Capabilities for Today’s Modern Digital Business

Modern digital business requires that leaders empower people across the enterprise to drive change. To enable this, Smartsheet helps organizations bring together the three critical elements of dynamic, creative work: workflow, content management, and collaboration. Smartsheet’s expanded capabilities include:

  • Providing leaders with real-timeresource management and insight on team activity so they can staff projects more strategically and optimize their workforce to meet changing demands;
  • Improving productivity by making it easy for anyone to createautomated no-code workflows between Smartsheet and partner platforms to eliminate repetitive, manual processes and reduce the risk of mistakes as work is moved between platforms;
  • Simplifying collaboration and work with easy-to-build, intuitive web and mobile applications that unify sheets, forms, reports, dashboards and external web content to streamline business processes;
  • Helping marketers and creatives manage, distribute, and track assets at scale through newly acquired digital asset management platformBrandfolder.

One sector that demands new methods of collaboration and execution is marketing. Everyone becomes a content creator in our digital, social, always-on environments, meaning marketing spans the full organization. Smartsheet’s platform helps marketers better assign and orchestrate these myriad messages and experiences.

“Customers demand a personal touch and require immediate connection — more than ever before — so marketers must effectively balance these needs with the ability to plan work, create and manage content, and distribute and govern it while measuring its impact,” said Anna Griffin, Chief Marketing Officer at Smartsheet. “Being able to do so on a common platform that can scale, is compliant, integrates critical data, and offers ease of administration helps them meet the rigorous standards of today’s enterprise and finally achieve agility.”

For example, Smartsheet helped the world’s biggest business media brand, Forbes, develop an integrated and agile approach for its marketing program management. Smartsheet’s solution gave cross-functional teams transparency and visibility across key initiatives for both internal and external stakeholders, as well as insights and data for business leaders to inform actionable and strategic decisions.

Driving Dynamic Work and Collaboration Through Smartsheet’s Strategic Partner Ecosystem

As remote work has taken hold, many organizations have focused on digitizing the old ways of work by turning meetings into video conferences and conversations into group chats. While these tools provide value, talking about work isn’t the same as getting work done at scale. In addition, the siloed nature of these tools means critical information doesn’t always reach the people who need to know.

Dynamic work requires the ability to securely collaborate with colleagues, vendors, and customers inside and outside an organization, across geographies and time zones, then quickly turn these collaborations into action to move the business forward.

“While many people have the same job title, no two people do their job the same way,” said Gene Farrell, Chief Product Officer at Smartsheet. “As the new hybrid work environment gives people more opportunity to redefine their jobs and think beyond prescribed or traditional roles, the possibilities for what they can achieve are limitless. That’s why we’ve built a scalable platform and an ecosystem that adapts to their unique needs and workstyles, both in the current environment and for the future.”

Smartsheet’s growing global strategic partner ecosystem enables secure and seamless real-time collaboration by connecting the tools most used by today’s enterprises. Smartsheet enables businesses to get more from their technology stack with key integrations, including:

  • The ability to easily send notifications, reminders and direct messages between Smartsheet andMicrosoft Teams and add Smartsheet “tabs” within a Teams channel;
  • Allowing creative and marketing teams to better manage projects, resources, and workflows through Smartsheet’sAdobe Creative Cloud extension;
  • Automatically syncing data with the Smartsheet Salesforce Connectorto ensure all stakeholders are viewing the most current information;
  • Enabling visibility into IT and software development projects through the Smartsheet Jira Connector by automatically synchronizing issues to ensure every record is up to date.

Other Smartsheet partnerships and integrations include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Box, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Slack, ServiceNow and Workday

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