Bitpanda opens Blockchain Research & Development Hub

The Vienna-based fintech will invest €10 million over the next two years in this hub.

Bitpanda, the European digital investment platform and Austria’s first unicorn, announces the launch of its Blockchain Research & Development Hub. Focused on building state-of-the-art technologies, this global initiative reasserts Bitpanda’s position as a leader in blockchain technology development.

The new Blockchain Research & Development Hub is expected to attract world-class blockchain experts and engineers who want to develop the technologies of the future. Bitpanda will invest €10 million over the next two years and add 30 developers by the end of 2021. This innovative hub will focus on building a next generation investment platform where engineers will aim to leverage the possibilities of state-of-the-art blockchains.

All engineers joining will receive a dedicated training along with focused knowledge-swapping sessions with the existing team members, including Bitpanda’s Chief Technology Officer, Christian Trummer. Bitpanda has been engaging in the Blockchain space since 2014 and is now building a specialised centre that uses different blockchains to build a powerful infrastructure for its own multi-asset investment platform.

Joining a dynamic team of more than 500 people, the new distributed Blockchain Research & Development team will focus on developing strategic blockchain capabilities and proof-of-concepts to create ready-to-integrate solutions. By bringing together the best experts and building upon existing capabilities, the Blockchain Research & Development Hub is reinventing the concept of “what’s possible” and will play a significant role in increasing blockchain adoption globally.

Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, Bitpanda CPO, said: “Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Bitpanda. Staying ahead of the curve means we need to think big, move fast and iterate. It also means we need to employ the best talent to help us shape and bring these ideas to life. Blockchain technology is at the forefront of tech innovation, and this is incredibly exciting because of it’s endless potential in a company like ours. Top engineers are the differentiating factor for tech companies, and with this new technology emerging as a dominant field, we’re aiming to unite and unleash these disruptive players by launching an innovative Blockchain Research & Development Hub. The idea is to bring blockchain engineers together – across boundaries, cultures and time zones – and empower them to build the investment platform that’s revolutionising the financial industry”.

Christian Trummer, Bitpanda CTO, said: “Blockchain technology has the potential to transform people’s way of life – something we’re seeing more of every day through its rapid adoption. Around the world, organisations that facilitate its growth are becoming more prominent, leading to incredible breakthroughs and game-changing innovation. At Bitpanda, we’re focused on pushing this wave of mainstream adoption forward because we believe this is the technology of the future. I, personally, have been working in the Blockchain space since 2012; later on, in 2014, we built a dedicated team fully focused on this technology, and I am incredibly excited to launch our Blockchain Research & Development Hub. These engineers will be given all the resources they need to bring a new level of innovation to Bitpanda’s customers”.

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