Amadeus selects ServiceNow to accelerate major transformation to the public cloud

Amadeus chooses the Now Platform to provide the automation, quality control and global governance across its software factory to deliver on its purpose to use technology to make better journeys for all.

ServiceNow says that Amadeus, a travel technology leader, has selected the Now Platform to accelerate and secure the migration of its operations to the public cloud. As part of a major transformational effort for the company, Amadeus will leverage the Now Platform to enable its development teams to rapidly innovate and deliver a new way of working for the ever‑changing travel market.

For over 30 years, Amadeus has relied on its own in‑house tools and datacenter to build and deliver the critical solutions that help airlines and airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators and other travel players to run their operations and improve the travel experience, billions of times a year, all over the world.

Staying true to its purpose to ‘shape the future of travel and use better technology to make better journeys’ the move to the cloud represents a significant change in its core business strategy and requires a true innovation partner of choice. Together with ServiceNow, armed with the benefits of the cloud, Amadeus will scale and innovate across its business that helps connect 1.6 bn+ people a year to local travel providers across 190+ countries better anticipating trends and customer behaviour.

“Our business goal to better connect and transform the travel industry is dependent on resilient infrastructure,” said Sylvain Roy, Senior Vice President Technology, Platforms Engineering, Amadeus “Through ServiceNow, Amadeus will be empowered to provide even better customer experiences, availability and choices, as well as operational excellence, resilience and efficiency. Leveraging ServiceNow’s solutions, Amadeus will benefit from seamlessly connected customer and service operations.”

To further improve efficiency and excellence in service delivery, Amadeus has selected ServiceNow's IT Service Management Pro (ITSM), IT Operations Management Enterprise (ITOM) and Customer Service Management Pro (CSM) solutions to:

Control new processes and access real‑time, 360° views on the performance of information systems. Through the Now Platform, these insights can be shared across the entire organisation, from development through to customer support teams. Amadeus teams can have a full and shared view into cloud native architectures and microservices health allowing them to better collaborate.

Enable DevOps teams to autonomously bring innovation faster to the market via end‑to‑end automation capabilities, whilst offering automatic remediation capabilities.

Leverage the financial benefits of the cloud by adjusting cloud consumption up and down, making infrastructure costs variable according to market needs, especially for travel bookings.

Quickly adopt new ways of working such as chatOps, Site Reliability Engineering and Site Reliability Operations, migrating to the Infrastructure‑As‑Code world supported by ServiceNow.

"As a leader in the travel technology industry, Amadeus is demonstrating its ability to innovate and adapt and is always one step ahead.” said Yannis Daubin, Area Vice President & General Manager of ServiceNow, France. “ServiceNow is making the world of work, work better for people and is supporting accelerated automation at Amadeus. The Now Platform will enable Amadeus to achieve its business goals of providing the best digital customer service while increasing innovations for the future of travel.”

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