OVHcloud confirms its shift to PaaS and expands its DBaaS offering

With six new DBaaS solutions available, OVHcloud now offers its customers one of the largest DBaaS portfolios on the market. This acceleration was made possible thanks to a partnership with Aiven, the European software company that combines the best of open-source technologies and cloud infrastructure.

With its six new Database-as-a-Service solutions (MySQL, PostgreSQL*, Apache Kafka, Apache Kafka Mirror Maker, RedisTM** and OpenSearch) along with 5 other solutions (Apache Cassandra, M3, M3 Aggregator, Grafana*** and Apache Kafka Connect****) all available in spring 2022, OVHcloud is offering its customers the most comprehensive choice of managed databases.

Through its extensive Public Cloud Database portfolio, OVHcloud supports the adoption of a company’s Managed Platform-as-a-Service and facilitates the acceleration of their transformation as part of application modernisation, the implementation of a native cloud strategy, or the extrapolation of data through a complete data pipeline, based on artificial intelligence.

OVHcloud offers open-source databases, allowing its customers to benefit from the latest updates and innovation from user communities. These sustainable solutions, standards and supported by the open-source community guarantee portability and reversibility, to avoid any vendor lock-in.

DBaaS solutions benefit from the advantages fundamental to the OVHcloud range: an accessible solution, an unparalleled price/performance ratio, predictable pricing and data location choices so you are not subject to extraterritorial laws.

An OVHcloud-Aiven partnership to drive innovation

For Thierry Souche, Chief Technical Officer at OVHcloud: “It’s essential for us to respond to our customers’ evolving needs, and to adapt to an ever-changing market. We have therefore decided to support them by offering a managed, trusted offer for a wide range of database engines. To achieve this, OVHcloud relied on the technologies from the European software player, Aiven, with which we share the same values - open-source innovation, interoperable standards, accessibility and simplicity. ”

“Through our partnership with OVHcloud, we are providing opensource technologies that enable organizations to accelerate implementation of digital cloud infrastructure and utilize data to drive business and innovation. We are happy to be part of this changing moment in the history of OVHcloud,” Heikki Nousiainen, Chief Technology Officer at Aiven said.

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