Subscription service fast tracks time-to-value for digital employee experience journey

Nexthink has introduced Nexthink Accelerate, a DEX subscription service aimed at an organization’s overall DEX maturity. Whether a company is driving transformational change for the future of work, reducing disruptions in employee environments or looking to increase employee satisfaction, the Accelerate program acts as a partner and guide to meet those goals.

The rise of remote work, the significant role employee satisfaction plays in the “Great Resignation,” and the detrimental nature of IT downtime has put a stronger emphasis on DEX for many organizations. In fact, Nexthink found that 89% of employees surveyed in a recent report believe DEX is an extremely or very important part of the overall employee experience. Yet, 43% of business leaders say their organization doesn’t currently have a way to measure DEX. Nexthink Accelerate is here to help companies meet their goals, deliver value and navigate the DEX landscape.

“Every company understands the importance of a positive employee experience, but trends towards hybrid work and the Great Resignation are showing companies the urgency to deliver on that promise,” said Yassine Zaied, Chief Strategy Officer for Nexthink. “Nexthink Accelerate offers organizations a faster realization of their goals with customized, human-to-human support armed with years of experience to provide a more proactive, actionable responses to IT challenges that disrupt employee experience. With Nexthink’s expertise and best practices, organizations can quickly achieve better employee experiences whether they happen in the office, at home or on the road.”

Nexthink Accelerate is about a controlled progression toward your organization’s goals focused on the following areas:

Platform Optimization: Helps customers capitalize on their DEX platform with expert guidance on configurations, ongoing maintenance and expansion recommendations on technology integrations.

Actionable Insights: Using cloud scale data and custom tools, Nexthink Accelerate provides a skilled analyst team to work tirelessly on identifying issues and trends that can affect customer environments, enabling a proactive approach by providing the reason and recommendations on how to mitigate them before they become a problem.

Strategic Automation: Provides augmented team support with the best DEX professionals available delivering results for organizations of all sizes when needed – minimizing cost, overhead, and complexity.

The research uncovered 64% of employees believe their experience with technology impacts their morale, but only 20% of the C-Suite put budget toward improving the digital employee experience, and only 21% of IT leaders prioritize end user experience when selecting a tool.
New research from Opengear has found that, while 90% of CIOs say they are involved in decision-making for their organisations’ digital transformation efforts, only 17% of those CIOs report that network managers are similarly involved, and only 13% indicate that network engineers play a role. That research – a survey of CIOs and network engineers in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Australia – highlights the need for greater collaboration to deliver digital transformation and for CIOs to increase the involvement of network engineers.
New predictions from HPE Aruba and global trends agency Foresight Factory outline five ways technology will overhaul the industry.
Leeds-headquartered SaaS firm eviFile has announced it’s working with Alstom Transport UK Ltd – the multinational rolling stock manufacturer and the UK’s leading signalling and rail infrastructure provider in CP6 – to roll out the eviFile platform across all live UK projects, including a contract worth £130 million.
Wrike has released new findings that uncover the cost of work complexities brought about by the Digital Era and accelerated transformations. According to the research report commissioned by Wrike, “Dark Matter of Work: The Hidden Cost of Work Complexities,” up to 55% of the work that takes place within an organisation is not visible to key stakeholders, costing organisations up to $60 million a year in wasted time, delayed or canceled projects, and employee churn. This lack of visibility has created the “Dark Matter of Work,” a term coined by Wrike Founder Andrew Filev to describe the vast amount of work that isn’t captured, tracked, or measured against goals because it takes place in synchronous applications and unstructured ways.
Scandit, the leader in smart data capture, has released research revealing how technology will change the face of customer, employee and store operations experiences in the next two years. Scandit surveyed retail leaders across Europe and found that more than half (51%) believe the primary role of the physical store will be an online-offline hybrid, with 64% citing challenges in differentiating themselves from their competition as the biggest barrier to delivering this experience.
Research released by leading global channel services provider, Agilitas IT Solutions has revealed that confidence in the future of the Technology Channel has reached a record height amongst UK industry decision makers, with the overall confidence score reaching 7.8 out of a possible 10. Agilitas unveils these findings through the launch of its annual Technology Channel Confidence Index 2022, the inaugural report of the new EVOLVE era.
Crayon calls on businesses to create cost efficiencies through technology optimisation.