Talking 5G with Schneider Electric - Part 3

Phil Alsop talks with Steve Carlini, Schneider Electric
Verizon’s 5G technology is helping innovators like Arvizio’s Jonathan Reeves change the way people collaborate.
In this short video, Owen Guiamo, Tele2 NL, talks about the successful evaluation phase, and a good co-operation with Nokia, and how that led to the actual purchasing of Traffica. He discussed how Tele2 has centralized Traffica and are using common user management and insight visualisation across Netherlands, Sweden and the Baltics. The next step is to move from manual tasks to automated system to optimize the network performance based on customer experience.
5G with businesses will improve productivity, efficiency and better cost-savings to help our customers give their customers the best experience possible.
Watch Tobias Larsson, vice president at Capgemini and responsible for 5G, share his thoughts on why he thinks 5G as one of the most important drivers for digitalization and important points to consider while moving to 5G.
Keith Twonsend - Guest Host and Co-Founder Jeff Edlund - CTO Communications and Media Solutions, HPE Stuart Strickland - Distinguished Technologist at Aruba CTO Office Jason Inskeep - Director - 5G and MEC , AT&T Business
Watch this webinar by Dr. Mohamed Nadder, PHD, Director of Mobility Network Engineering, Commscope, discussing various choices that can impact your 5G rollout strategy.