Digitalisation World talks to IPC

Digitalisation World talks to IPC
William Hill shares how AI and machine learning play a massive role in self-healing and the transformation that is taking place. Five years ago, companies would not be willing to even trust machines to start to make that decisional data. Today, it’s absolutely key to get visibility of all the piece of the jigsaw before making decisions on what can affect critical business services. AI helps analyze that metric explosion and make sense of it, because humans are limited by that. Not just understanding what the root cause of the problem is, but actually processing all this data coming through.
Digitalisation World talks to Neville Louzado, Head of Sales at Hyve Managed Hosting. Taking the impact of the pandemic as a starting point, the conversation ranges far and wide across cloud, security, 5G and the edge, HPC and AI, and sustainability.
DCS talks to Rob Mather, Solutions Director at Power Control Ltd, looking at the role of UPS systems within the data centre. The conversation focuses on energy efficiency, with demand response, peak shaving, lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells in the spotlight. Rob finishes with some valuable advice for organisations looking to purchase UPS technology.
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