Virtualisation is plain sailing

Maritime insurance specialist chooses leading enterprise open source virtualization solution to support business critical applications and provide around the clock customer support.

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Banking on Red Hat

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and OpenShift Enterprise at core of new innovation and entrepreneurship technology solutions centre.

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How APIs are driving innovation in the cloud

By Monica Brink, EMEA Marketing Director, iland.

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EMC projects broaden company’s Open Source contributions

New initiative Polly is an open source storage scheduler designed to provide storage resources for Cloud Foundry, Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos.

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Checkmarx partners with WhiteSource

Checkmarx and WhiteSource have formed a partnership, providing Checkmarx users with a comprehensive Open Source Analysis (OSA) solution. The new capability adds full visibility of the open source components used by developers. It reports known security vulnerabilities contained in the open source code and suggests available fixes. It also highlights licensing and compliance issues in any used open source components.

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The software-defined mainframe

LzLabs partners with COBOL-IT to enable seamless mainframe application migration.

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8th OpenStack Foundation User Survey also shows increased interest in containers, NFV and bare metal running on OpenStack.
The managed Kubernetes service offering that was awaited by the community, based on open-source standards and predictable pricing.
Data from 1,200 respondents and insights from seven industry experts reveal rapid growth, some growing pains.
The global bank brings an international perspective to the not-for-profit organisation.
CloudBees has introduced new capabilities for feature management within its software delivery platform, including full visibility and control of feature flags throughout the development and release pipelines. Leveraging these new feature management capabilities as part of the CloudBees end-to-end solution, enterprises can effectively scale feature flag usage in ways that are not possible with standalone feature management solutions.
DevOps practitioner salaries increase worldwide, as growing demand for IT talent and automation expertise becomes a priority.
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Cardinal Health Experiences Black Friday Every Day

CA World '15 DevOps, Agile Ops Theater: Louis Verzi, Manager, Java Platforms at Cardinal Health. Cardinal Health specializes in distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products, serving more than 100,000 locations worldwide. To ensure the best customer experience possible for its mission critical applications, Cardinal Health takes the approach that every day is 'Black Friday' with quick detection and quick resolution. Over the past several years, Cardinal Health has used CA Application Performance Management to move from being reactive to application performance issues to proactively addressing issues before they impact the customer. In this session you will learn some of the steps and approaches they take to improve application performance across more than 100 different applications, including their e-commerce platform.

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